In existence since 1998 with homes in Minneapolis, Chicago and Washington DC, Muddy River Productions is a cool little production company now located in Venice, California.  Right now we make short films.  Pretty soon we’ll make long ones.   Our first project, The Ricochet is currently making the festival circuit as other projects are in various stages of development. 




Jennifer M.K. Provencher

Executive Producer/Attorney

phone:   310.564.6275




Comedy / 14 min.

A man, broken by the troubles of life, journeys into the heart of the desert where an ill-fated family reunion teaches him that sometimes life is all about getting lucky.

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Written and produced by Muddy River Productions in association with Fresh & Smoked Productions, The Ricochet was accepted by the prestigious 2010 LA Shorts Festival and is slated for more festivals this fall.  The film was directed by Jeremy Gosch and stars Mark Robert Provencher, Jay Mawhinney, and Crystle Lightning and features original music by Chadbourne and Skripture.